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Angpoo's Demented Mind

Welcome to my world, stay a bit!

29 January 1979
I was born in Louisville Kentucky, on January 29, 1979. Grew up on algonquin parkway...went to church every sunday, sunday evening and wednesday evening. Have always loved animals, ever since I was little. Wanted to be a vet, found out how hard it was to be sed vet in high school decided it wasnt for me. Also have always had minimal interest into photography. Got into it in college and have not looked back. I had the normal must go to church up bringing. I was never really and out going kid, or much of a trouble maker....I mean I got in trouble just was always to chicken to ever do anything. Had always been a little insecure then middle school came along and knocked me into total insecurity....am still to this day trying to become a more secure person. I think I have improved..dont really know what others think? Photography has helped me thats why I enjoy looking into people's souls with my camera! Its like you can learn so much just from a simple photograph. I have no clue what I am doing and what i will do with my future.....I have been stuck at the fork in the road for a while and dont seem to be going anywhere......all I want right now is to find a well paying job that I can keep....and I will be content not happy but content....for now at least......wish me luck!